Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1988 - Prince

27.08.1988 Waldstadion Frankfurt: Prince

Last years „Sign o the times" tour is considered one of the best Prince tour to date and the man himself is back to top it.
Only one year and four Top Ten hits later: Prince is back in an even bigger venue and yet another hit called "Alphabet Street" riding high in the charts.

His popularity even succeeds the Purple Rain days and because there are 90 000 people waiting for him the venue had to be changed from the Football stadium "Bieberer Berg" in Offenbach to the Waldstadion Frankfurt.

It was a very hot day and long before the show kicks off people faint and have to get help. Space wise I thought I am in a sardine box.

My rip cage got severely bruised but it was all worth it:

At around twenty past eight the beats to "Erotic City" started the show. Master Prince sat in a white Corvette that revolved around the stage on a track.

Only 5 ft. tall with a pony tail and a white suit with black spots Prince got out of the car and rocked the stadium.

Despite the well known dance moves the perfection between him and his band did not seize to amaze me.

It was like he had said: "This is not music – this is a trip!"

Prince ***

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