Thursday, September 20, 2007

2006 - Depeche Mode in Birmingham

31.03.2006 NEC Arena, Birmingham/England

Depeche Mode
Support: The Bravery

Just one day after the Manchester gig we find ourselves in a smaller hall, still huge but smaller than most stadiums or arenas. Even the stage in smaller and throughout the evening there is some feedback coming back from the microphones simply because the monitors are closer to the musicians.

The Bravery are supporting Depeche Mode and they are quite good although I have to say that I find the singer to be rather strange and not a good a frontman as he thinks he is.

Bravery **

The lights go dim, the stage lights get brighter and everybody in the hall is on their feet to welcome Depeche Mode. The groove is there and the evening turns out phenomenal. The sound isn´t the best but nobody seems bothered. The band messes up “Personal Jesus”, stop the song half way through, apologize and start it again and it turns out great. Usually Martin Gore sings “Shake the disease” in an acoustic version but decides to change the song to “Leave in Silence” tonight and I think it is great. I haven´t heard the song in years and everybody sings along – superb.

Depeche Mode ***

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