Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - Glenn Miller Orchestra

05.11.1993 Stadthalle Offenbach: THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA

Even though the Town hall of Offenbach was „only“ filled up to ¾ it is still amazing to see how many people flog to a concert to listen to the mighty tunes of Glenn Miller who died nearly 48 years ago.

The whole assemble is Dutch and the 2x 1 hour program is absolutely perfect.

Wil Salden, the conductor and leader of the pack, is touring with the Glenn Miller legacy since 1978 and his Orchestra is one of the most frequently booked acts around.

The “20 man convoy” travels with permission and in the name of the Glenn Miller Inc. / USA trying to keep the legacy alive.

Wil Salden does not only orchestrate a bunch of people with instruments and funny names, he also is a good vocalist although the crème de la crème from a vocalist perspective was Johanna Spanjerberg.

When Wil Salden, Johanna Spanjerberg join forces with trumpeters Eric Hilfering and Frank Meuwiesen they call themselves: “The Moonlight Serenaders”.

If I recall correctly I invited my mother to the event but had to use her money to purchase the tickets. She enjoyed it as much as I did nonetheless.

They kicked off with “Moonlight Serenade” and played everything from “Chattanooga Choo Choo” to “Pennsylvania 6 5000” and “Perfidia”. “In the mood” was the final song of the evening.

During the last song the Trumpeters and saxophonists left the stage to walk right through the audience and the evening became a real happening.

Glenn Miller Orchestra ***

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