Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1994 - The Time Bandits

02.09.1994 Altenheim „Am Hessenring“ Offenbach: THE TIME BANDITS

The band for the wedding festivities of an old school buddy was called „The time bandits“ in analogy to their diverse repertoire of songs from different periods of time.

The 5-man combo plays gigs like this very often mainly in clubs along the river “Main” and their reputation exceeded them.

The time bandits are not offering any self penned material. They have specialised in oldies, mainly Rock and Roll from Elvis to Fats Domino back and forth.

The band is musically not bad but their rather different attitude as to how to interpret the classic songs they play made it increasingly difficult to sing along, have fun and sometimes even recognizing the songs.

Classic tunes such as “You can’t hurry love” or “See you later alligator” were bad enough but the Elvis classic “Flaming Star” was the worst ever.

The bandits speeded the sing up – at least three times faster to be honest and it sounded more like a post punk era song now.

At the end of the day the already drunk audience didn’t mind that often but I think it was horrible.

The time bandits *

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