Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Open Ohr Festival: H-Blockx, Takfarinas ...

23rd Open Ohr (Open Ear) Festival
16th – 19th May 1997
Zitadelle / Mainz

16th May 1997: H – Blockx

“Boo yah – here we go” – the whole Zitadelle Mainz jumped up and down on the first day of the four day festival that ran under the banner “Heimat” (Home).

The weather was great and the H-Blockx from Münster, the band that turns every party into a happening with their smash hit “Rising high”, were the main act of the evening.

They interacted perfectly with one another and they picked up speed straight away and their heavy sound was just brilliant.

One day later (17th May 1997) Yal – music was the name of the game. YAL music is a mixture between Arabic and western music. The name of the band: TAKFARINAS.

Their lyrics deal with Drugs, Love and sex and all band members live outside of the emirates because their inconvenient music turned them into enemies of the state.

Who thought that only well established stars like Ofra Haza or Khaled are able to break down barriers was proofed wrong by Takfarinas. Their sound and show was perfect.

Straight after Takfarinas the Polish theatre ensemble Teatr Osmega Dnia presented their play “Sabbat” which resembled scenes from the MAD MAX trilogy and post third world war scenarios.

“Sabbat” was a grand scale production and the set was monstrous and costumes were great although their mix between Polish and German made me wonder what the play is all about.

H-Blockx *** Takfarinas *** Teatr Osmega Dnia ***

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