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2006 - Depeche Mode in Lisbon

08.12.2006 Pavilhao Atlantico, Lisbon/Portugal
support: THE BRAVERY

We spent a whole week in Lisbon - a really beautiful, attractive city with flair and ambiente. To see Depeche Mode on their "Following the angel" tour was a bonus.

The huge venue just outside the Metro - station "Oriente" was packed and "The Bravery" from New York City, who opened up for Duran Duran in May 2005, were the opening act for the "Basildon - Three" better known as Depeche Mode.

We had very good seats on the first balcony and this time we were way closer to the Bravery as we had been back in May and they really pulled it off.

Like all the other support acts on earth they too were struggling with the sound and their lightshow was nothing else but the lights - test for Depeche Mode.

But they were enjoying themselves and so were we.

They aren´t brilliant as such and their songs are not really extraordinary but never the less The Bravery gave their best and it is highly appreciated.

Good **

Some 30 minutes later a downscaled stage (in comparison to prior tours) offered a playground for the boys and their two extra musicians on keys and drums.

The show was still well thought out and executed and Dave Gahan and Martin Gore really complimented each other as frontmen.

DM opened with their curent single "A pain that I am used to" and they also performed "John the revelator", "Suffer well" and the stunning "Precious" from the Playing The Angel album and the songs fitted in neatly with older material.

Apart from the obvious hymns "Enjoy the silence" and "Personal Jesus" I liked the acoustic version of "Shake the disease" performed by Martin and keyboarder Pedro.

"Home" was another stunner and "Everything counts" reminded me of their legendary "101" performance in spirit.

All the other "leftover" bands or re-united bands from Tears for Fears to the Human League are no match for Depeche Mode who are undoubtedly the best there is.

Great ***

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