Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 - Beauty and the beast ON ICE

27.03.2003 Point Theatre / Dublin
Walt Disney’s
Beauty & the beast
On Ice

Just to say: It was superb.

Merchandising good were to be found on all levels of the Point Theatre. From torches with a built in rose to sweet dishes to Belle as a puppet wearing a golden costume to the beast as a teddy bear – everything your (or your children’s hearts) desire.

The prices though were beyond daylight robbery.

On the other hand side it is always great quality when it says: Disney!

The show starts with a medley performed by Disney’s cult figures Mickey, Donald and Balu before the real play begins.

With great humour and great skill the actors “fly” across the ice and even though it is clear right from the start that Belle will fall for the beast and thereby lifts the curse it was still nice to watch.

Beauty and the Beast ***

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