Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - T.M. Stevens (Musikmesse)

05.03.1993, Messegelände Frankfurt

To people in the business the name T.M. Stevens is a synonym for excellency as it brings back memories of undoable bass riffs.

The publishing company SOUNDCHECK brought T.M. Stevens to the annual event of the trade fair. He got musical support from his drummer and guitarist.

Funk at its best – Stevens a roughly 6, 11 inch tall well build guy with dreadlocks doesn’t look “family friendly” but only 10 seconds into the gig one would think that there is a child on stage that enjoys what it does best.

He kicks off with a Prince – cover “Sexy motherfucker” and screams into the microphone: “Can you fuckin´ feel it?” – Yes, we can!

Stevens is a well established Studio- and Tour musician. He played wih Joe Cocker but is best known for his years long work with Funk – God Michael Narada Walden.

He was the highlight of this years trade fair.

T.M. Stevens ***

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