Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Darren Hayes

19.10.2002, Vicar Street / Dublin
Darren Hayes

The brake up of the Australian pop duo “Savage garden” certainly leaves a gap in the world of pop and a huge following on which Darren Hayes is counting on his first ever solo tour.

The last Savage Garden album: “Affirmation” sold more than double platinum and catapulted the band once more onto the big stages around the world.

The Venue that is Vicar Street is comparatively small but Darren already has a solo hit under his belt (“Insatiable”) and is on top of the charts and therefore has faith in the future.

The support acts name has never been mentioned anywhere and there is no need to anyway as their rather strange Techno / Trance music doesn’t fit with Darren’s music.

Darren Hays played in the following line up: 2x backing vocals, 2x keyboards, 1x Bass, 1x drums and 1x guitar and his 90minutes gig is breathtaking in respect to the show and music.

He loves to be a pop star and obvious sex symbol and enjoys the screaming and mostly female fans.

And very rightly so I might add – the man from Brisbane is absolutely unbeatable.

He also sings a medley of “Savage Garden” hits and says that he doesn’t know where his life will take him but he is thirty years of age now and has the time of his life.

Darren Hayes ***

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