Thursday, September 20, 2007

2006 - Depeche Mode in Manchester

30.03.2006 MEN Arena, Manchester/England
Depeche Mode
Support: The Bravery

The Bravery supports Depeche Mode and I like them a bit better than I liked them before now that I have heard them 3 times but all in all I think they lack originality. To me they sound like an American band who tries to sound British.

The Bravery **

Depeche Mode kicks off with “A pain that I am used to” and because we have different seats we get a better look at the stage this time which makes a difference because the show is great. Almost half an hour into the show and the gig doesn’t pick up speed. The crowd is just not up for it yet. Another 15 minutes and finally the spirit rises. It is a real setback for concert goers and I think the band feels the same.

In the end it was still a great show and Depeche Mode were truly amazing.

Depeche Mode ***

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