Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2004 - Kraftwerk

17.03.2004 Carling Apollo / Manchester

They are the godfathers of Techno, the godfathers of electronic music and they are on tour for the first time in almost thirteen years.

They are indeed living legends. Their gig in Dublin on the 15th of March was sold out within a day and I couldn’t get hold of a ticket. Thanks to the Internet tickets for their Manchester concert was purchased.

Thanks to Ryan Air the flight wasn’t expensive at all.

In summer 2003 the German artists released their first album since 1991: “Tour de France soundtrack” and this very album transported them back onto the platform of fame and into the TOP TEN charts around the globe.

By the time Kraftwerk hit Manchester they had already toured Denmark, Norway, Japan, Ireland and Scotland.

In a time where electronic dance music tends to always sound the same Kraftwerk always manage to remain unique. That obviously is the secret to their success.

The Carling Apollo is just outside the city center and easy to access. There was a short queue of people when we arrived and we managed to get to the front row after entering the premises.

The Apollo was absolutely packed. Typical German they started their program at 8 p.m. sharp and over the next two hours they played all their hits and more.

It was in fact a multi media show with videos and slideshows supporting every song. From “Man Machine” to “The model”, “Boing Boom Tschak”, “Tour de France”, “Expo 2000” to their latest single: “Aero Dynamique” – they played them all.

Kraftwerk were dressed in suits matching the ones the wore on their 1978 hit album: “Man Machine”. 70% of their material was performed in German language or at least bilingual.

It was a real happening.

Florian Schneider, who presented himself with a new haircut: bold, wasn’t too happy though as he had computer problems all throughout the show.

After approximately 20 minutes he just took off his headphones and decided not to continue playing. Ralf Hutter, who stood to the very left tried to cheer him up with a “human smile” but that didn’t work too well.

Nevertheless the audience was thrilled by Germanys best and most successful band.

Kraftwerk ***

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