Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Whitesnake

20.10.1997 Stadthalle Offenbach
David Coverdale and
Support: SKIN

It has been for the first time in thirteen years that I went to a concert on my own and I felt like the loneliest person on the planet.

It was cold outside and autumn did its best to keep me in this rather depressed mode.

I managed to find a superb spot in the packed Stadthalle Offenbach (Town hall of Offenbach). According to the news paper this would be the last tour with Whitesnake and their charismatic on / off front man David Coverdale.

At twenty to eight the British band SKIN made their way to the stage to play a 45 minute set in support of their album “Experience Electric”.

Fast but always melodic and especially the vocal range of their singer blew me away. It was also nice to notice that the sound was brilliant. That is something that isn’t always the case while the opening act plays.

Twenty minutes later: Whitesnake! “Soldiers of fortune”, “Here I go again” and more.

Coverdale and the boys were in control right from the start. The fans often demanded Coverdale to sing some of his solo songs and he delivered.

Touring the new “Restless Heart” album makes the band write another chapter in music history and they were visibly touched when 1500 fans sang along to all the classic anthems the band had written over the years.

Especially the ballads are significant for the bands´ success and ditched in blue and white light the soft songs made a lot of impact.

After 90 minutes they called it a day leaving us wanting more and hoping that the “restless heart” doesn’t rest for a few years from now on.

David Coverdale and Whitesnake *** Skin ***

Whitesnake 2004

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