Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1992 - Extreme & Thunder

30.11.1992, Stadthalle Offenbach: EXTREME
Support: THUNDER

8 p.m. the lights went out and AC/DCs massive hit: „Thunderstruck“ gets played back to us in full length. When the playback reaches its end the British rockers Thunder appear on stage to open for Extreme.

During their 50 minutes set they show how the big boys do it and even though Thunder might not rank among the very successful rock bands of their time they certainly are one of the best bands around and I would not be surprised if one day they would be able to sell out a bigger venue on their own.

Only 15 minutes later Extreme hit the stage. At this moment in time Extreme is considered to be Americas hottest rock (not Hard rock) band.

The show lasted a little over two hours. Straight rock wrapped in a funny and perfect show.

The best parts of the show though were the drum solo and the two guitar solos of one Nuno Bettencourt – he is really gifted.

In the classic line up of Drums, Bass and Guitar the band was an excellent support for their charismatic singer.

The band toured in support of their new album: “Three sides of the story” and tonight we only got to see their best side.

Extreme *** Thunder **

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