Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - HAD, Pantomas, The Dead Cartwrights

19.02.1996 Isenburger Schloß, Offenbach

Carnival in Germany – to celebrate the 5th season in style the three comedy combos H.Ä.D. (Hatschi, Äppelsche und Dutt), Pantomas and the 5-piece “the dead Cartwrights” joined forces for a 2 ½ hour happening about to unfold.

In a nutshell the story was about escaping carnival by all means. Aboard the MS Baku, a “Butterkutter”, a word for which there is no real translation as it is a real Hessian slang word, we tried to escape.

“Ship steward” Armando Duvalier promised to change the course every time we encounter “carnivalists”. And we did change course numerous times during the next 2 ½ hours. Every time we changed course we all had to turn our chairs around and phase the other end of the room.

With Pantomime, slapstick and simply hilarious jokes we had a ball and I found it difficult to stop laughing.

En route the crew served Chicken in Pernod. In reality that meant little pieces of crisp on a string. Then they gave you pieces of butter and coke using the lid of the bottle long before they decided to give you serviettes.

The ships course brought us to the cold of the Nordic sea where we encountered drunk fishes, dancing to stupid music and screaming “Helau” and “Alaaf”.

Finally we headed to space where the loss of gravity was well displayed by the actors. Unfortunately there were extra terrestrials celebrating carnival.

FF – Tours (Faschingsfluchttours) / (Carnival escape tours) promised to reimburse our money if we ever get back.

What a laugh!! ***

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