Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - 1st Offenbacher Rockwettbewerb: Outfit, Hazel & the Nuts

02.10.1993 Stadthalle Offenbach

Offenbach has finally woken up – For the first time in the history of the „leather city“, initiated by the OFFENBACH POST and the STADTSPARKASSE OFFENBACH, a competition with useful prices is about to take place.

Out of sixty bands the best seven are here tonight competing for the mercy of the audience and the mercy of a professional panel as their votes count 50%/50%.

Even though the concert hall was almost empty at least everybody who is seriously associated with the music scene of Offenbach was there.

The Isenburger Schloß, the Hard and Heavy e.V. and the Offensive Offenbach – everybody was there. I signed the DIGITAL DREAMS page of the Scene Catalogue for Christmas charity for Offensive Offenbach chairman Gerhard Lux and met producer Frank Moesner, with whom I recorded all productions of mine from 1991 to 1998.

I also met good friends of mine: Claudia and Jürgen During, committed workers for the German Rock and Pop association as well as Karsten Roth from the AUSPUFF magazine was there. All in all a good and lovely crowd for a good night out.

Unfortunately I only got to see two bands out of seven: “Outfit” and “Hazel and the nuts”. I had to leave early because I brought my eight years old nephew Pascal along and he fell asleep, so I had to bring him home.

Outfit ** Hazel and the nuts **

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