Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1999 - KISS

09.03.1999 Festhalle Frankfurt
KISS(in 3D)
„Psycho Circus“ Tour

In the original line up that made Kiss so famous in the 1970s. The line up that experienced a massive reunion tour in 1996 was back to promote their new CD: “Psycho Circus” – recorded with the original four blokes. The first recording of the original band in 17 years.

KISS brought the well known and still exiting spectacles back to Germany and they even topped themselves by giving out 3D – Glasses to everybody in the audience. Using up to date technology one thought you are on stage with the boys. Paul Stanley had a little knife attached to his “flying V” and when he attacked the camera it was like he is attacked us – scary but brilliant.

The 3D glasses were as fancy as the “Love Gun” back in 1977.

The new songs blended in perfect with the older material.

Kiss ***

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