Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1995 - Area Desaster

16.09.1995 Hafenbahn, Offenbach: AREA DESASTER

As part of a 12 weekend long rock music competition the bands Area Desaster and Syder are competing against each other in front of the judging panel and the audience.

I couldn’t stay long enough to see Syder but long enough to enjoy Area Desaster.

AD (short form for Area Desaster) presented their new CD: “Walhalla”.

Unfortunately only 30 people showed up to witness the competition. Even though there were way less people than the bands were hoping for AD gave it their best.

The band exists six years already their new singer is aboard only three months. But he was grant.

The music was melodic and neatly arranged although nothing special really.

The acoustic in the new venue of the Hard- and Heavy e.V. “Hafenbahn” is only moderate and took away the fun a bit.

All in all there is a lot of potential in the band and its individuals, enough to perhaps become pros one day. Fingers crossed.

Area Desaster **

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