Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2004 - Reamonn

01.05.2004 The Whelans / Dublin
Support: The Rack

Reamonn is basically a German band with an Irish singer who met his fellow musicians in Germany five years ago.

It was for the first time ever that they were performing in Dublin. The Whelans, an up and coming venue in the Irish capital with a capacity of accommodating roughly 300 people was sold out.

Even though I only knew their very old song and best selling single. “Supergirl” from their first CD: “Tuesday” I bought tickets well in advance.

Just days before the event a friend of mine with whom I had recorded a few tracks in the past rang me to tell me he’d arranged an interview with the band and he wanted me to conduct it.

It was good craic when we filmed and talked to the German fans of Reamonn.

The gig as such was a good one as well.

Rea Garvey and the boys were interacting with each other and the music was performed in an honest and almost humble way.

Some songs simply weren’t as good as others and in the middle of the show the steam was a bit out of it. But all the hit singles including: “Star” and “Angel” were brilliant.

All in all it was worth the entrance fee and Reamonn proved to be an act with a lot of good material and a great future ahead of them.

Read the interview (German)

Reamonn **

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