Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1998 - Art Garfunkel

24.09.1998 Stadthalle Offenbach

From the north of Germany comes GODEWIND, the opening act for the German leg of the Art Garfunkel tour. They are together for 19 years and they managed to release an album each year and they are heading towards their 20th anniversary.

The play roughly 50 minutes from their latest piece “Windlichter” and it was very impressive. The 6 – man / woman combo sings only in dialect but one could understand them (most of the time).

The “Husum six” played very professional and were a good opening act on this lovely September evening.

Half an hour later: Art Garfunkel – the master of the soft songs.

He told us that he “only” things material from other artists as he is no song writer himself but in all fairness: Whoever writes the songs can surely be proud of having them sung by a man like Garfunkel.

Sometimes the cheers didn’t stop even after the songs were finished and standing ovations were the expression if gratefulness to have him sing for us.

He named people like Jimmy Web and Marc Cohen his favourite song writers and didn’t forget to mention the brilliant Paul Simon with whom he had his biggest successes as Simon and Garfunkel.

Best song of the evening: “Bridge over troubled water”.

Art Garfunkel *** Godewind **

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