Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2001 - Rob Strong & Band

27.05.2001, Gumpys Pub / Tallaght, Dublin

It was a sunny day in May 2001 and the “Gumpys”, a spacious pub in the Plaza Hotel complex in Tallaght Village, Dublin 24 was packed as usual.

The house band Rob Strong plays here weekly always having a full house to play to and the man himself is well known here.

Robs son is one of the musicians in the famous The Commitments film starring Colm Meaney, internationally renown for his role as Mr. O’Brien in Star Trek.

Rob himself is singer and bass guitar player with a passion and his vocal range is amazing.

The music is rather untypical for a pub as it is very bluesy, American style as opposed to Irish folk.

The 22,23 year old guitarist Simon is the only younger musician in the band and the only one not to play Barre – riffs.

The music is loud and powerful and the two hour show holds something for everybody.

Rob Strong and Band **

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