Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2004 - Riverdance

02.08.2004 Gaiety Theatre / Dublin

We were sitting in row E on the seats 18 and 19 just a few metres away from the stage.

Riverdance lived up to its promise to be one of the best performances ever. In general the play depicts scenes from the great Irish famine, slavery and from the time when the Iriah fled in their thousands to escape starvation.

The stage lighting and numerous slideshows add value to the stunning performance of Irish dance.

Very well done was the scene in which black American guys were dancing in the streets and where there was a competition between them and the newly arrived Irish chaps.

The ensemble consists of approximately 25 performers and there is an excellent five piece band backing them up musically.

Vocally there is this massive black fellow who sings: “There life can be golden if your heart unfolds” referring to slavery. The evening is full of diversity and yet everything fits neatly.

A superb experience and good value for money.

Riverdance ***

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