Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 - Brian Kennedy

07.03.2003 Olympia Theatre / Dublin
Brian Kennedy
Support: Paul Casey

I’d been living in the country for 2 ½ years already and had missed the artist on a few occasions. They say he sings as good as he looks.

His guitar player Paul Casey was also the opening act:

Casey from Derry played a forty minutes acoustic set and he mentioned his own CD and his Website quite often.

The young man immediately captured the audience by playing easy listening stuff very much to the liking of the listeners.

Only minutes later the man himself arrived on stage: Brian Kennedy and band!

Well dressed, the hair shaking heart throb took the audience by storm. His vocal range is great and even a falsetto sounds great.

All songs were performed honestly and meaningful.

Kennedy mentioned his current BBC™ show: “Kennedy on song” which goes into the second season now and he announced the release of a CD to support the TV show.

Kennedy performed solely for fifteen minutes only armed with a guitar and this intimate set was the best part of the show.

With a lot of humour and interacting with the fans he performed a few tracks and he even played his version of the Gershwin Classic: “The first time ever I saw your face” – superb.

Kennedy said that he will follow the tradition of all the other bands and will be available for a chat after the Show in the Sheridan’s Bar” inside the Olympia Theatre.

Paul Casey *** Brian Kennedy ***

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