Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Warren G

With the Bob Marley cover of „I shot the sheriff“ and an alternative version of Tina Turners „Whats love got to do with it“ in the charts – and now in Germany:

WARREN G. and the G Funk Era
Support: Der Wolf

8th April 1997, Hugenottenhalle / Neu – Isenburg

Before Warren G and his crew turned up for their 90minutes show, Dortmund based rapper „Der Wolf“ and band entered the stage.

Der Wolf (The Wolf) played a 30minutes set which he opened with his first hit: “Gibt´s ja gar nicht” (“That’s impossible”) and the half empty venue cheered him on gratefully.

Unfortunately the established vibes turned immediately to dust as each song sounded like the one before and the wolf lacked enthusiasm.

He called himself “the ultimate lover” during each song and during the performance of the well phrased “Werft die Waffen weg” (Throw away the guns) he lost a lot of support in the audience when he said that US rap star “2pac” is solely to blame for being shot because he wore guns.

Der Wolf left the stage after his latest single “Frau Schmidt” (Mrs. Smith) – and it was about time.

“Have a mother fucking good time” – this sample echoed back from the speakers in the beginning of Warren Gs show. Warren made it clear in the beginning that all the songs are performed live: No turntables or anything like that! Fair play to him.

All in all the songs were decent and musically well performed although the show as such wasn’t that great mainly due to the fact that hip hop beats often sound very alike.

The best songs were the ones the audience knew best: “I shot the sheriff” and “What’s love got to do with it”.

Warren G.** Der Wolf *

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