Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1992 - Randy Hanson (Musikmesse)

13.03.1992 Messegelände Frankfurt:

Together with my friend and fellow musician Günay “Gökmen” we went to the single most important event for any musician: “The international music fair”.

We met friends and members of the German Rock- and Popmusician association (Deutscher Rock- und Popmusiker Verband) who told us that the best ever “Jimmy Hendrix copy” Randy Hanson is about to enter the stage soon.

We only arrived in the last third of his gig. Hanson and his two fellow musicians on drums and bass guitar looked like trapped in the late 60s / 70s and it was good craic to see them.

Randy is more than an insider tip – he is the second Hendrix! He sings as bad as him and plays guitar as well as him.

Randy performed in a very small room and after the gig I asked him a couple of questions for a little report on the concert for the “Rockmusician” (Rockmusiker) magazine.

Hanson said that he has already released two CDs under his own name but only got decent response and that he might be back in 1993. Lets hope so.

Randy Hanson ***

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