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2003 - Art Garfunkel with Maia Sharp and Buddy Mondlock

09.03.2003 Olympia Theatre / Dublin
With Maia Sharp & Buddy Mondlock

It is a real treat – every time! I went to see Art Garfunkel three times now and every time his voice and music simply knocked me out.

“Artie”, the name he is been called at by his friends has reached yet another milestone in his amazing career: He writes his own songs now!

Over the last decades the gifted singer “only” performed songs written by such marvellous song writers like James Taylor and of course Paul Simon. Now, joining forces with Buddy Mondlock and Maia Sharp, he has two companions to write songs with.

Both mentioned artists have short sets before the actual show to promote their own albums. Buddy reminds me a lo of the great Paul Simon which helps Art Garfunkel writing the right tracks.

After Mondlock´s set Maia Sharp hits the stage accompanied by two musicians on drum and bass. Her drummer Tommy Igor also drums for Art Garfunkel and his band.

Maia´s music is hard to pin point and lies somewhere between 70s Mainstream and Jazz. L.A. raised Maia sings and plays keyboard, clarinet and guitar.

Buddy Mondlock *** Maia Sharp **

And then, finally, it is time for the main act: Art Garfunkel

The new material melts perfectly with his older songs and all the Simon and Garfunkel classics.

Art Garfunkel apologizes for the current political agenda of the United States referring to the lingering war with Iraq.

“War can never be a political instrument” he says before asking: “Are you listening Mr. Bush?”.

As the evening progresses Art mentions that he collaborated with Paul Simon just recently when they received a lifetime achievement award (and we know now that this collaboration turned into a reunion.)

“Cilia”, “Bridge over troubled water” and “Sound of Silence” are on the play list and standing ovations for the great performance is the reward for this hard working gentlemen.

Art Garfunkel ***

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