Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - NENA

30.03.1993 Hugenottenhalle Neu – Isenburg: NENA

Nena is back – her concert, originally scheduled for the 8th of March had been cancelled only three hours before hand and now some weeks late, in another venue, the smaller concert hall is populated to ¾ .

Right at the beginning Nena is burning down the house using all her classic material and all her classic hits which leads to a minor gap in the middle of the show when the audience mostly cant sing along to the new material.

Despite the ridiculous country version of “Wunder geschehen” (Miracles happen) one has to admit that Nena is as good on this “Bongo Girl” tour as back in the day when she was dominating the charts in the early 80s.

Her songs are quite diverse in style and she has a French dance assemble to support her and they really add to the quality of the show.

Nena Kerner is more mature now and still full of energy and she knows how to talk to the audience.

Nenas big time might not come back but her songs are more than a nostalgic notion – her songs are a major part of the German music history and Nena can really be proud of that.

Nena ***

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