Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 - Aisling Alann Arts Festival

Meg Murphy officially launched the 2008 "Aisling Alann arts festival" on June 16th 2008 @ Whitechurch Library.

The festival was first launched in 2007. Its aim is to offer high-quality performance art as affordable rates and to create performance opportunities for emerging artists and to proactively develop a culture of community arts in the Greater Ballyboden area.

Scene from "Art Attack" as performed by the Drama Queens

Simon Toel playing Jack Kairo in the one-man-play/comedy with the same name

Barbara Demsey performing "Gabby" @ Whitechurch Library

A Gala Concert concluded the arts festival week. The picture shows a scene from a performance of G.F. Haendel's "Sonnata a lagrimar"

Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 - Yazoo @ Brighton Centre, Brighton (UK) 15.06.08

This was by far the best of all three YAZOO gigs that we decided to go to.

With a new song on the setlist, new background for "Goodbye 70's", a crowd that was just brilliant and no other than "Erasure" Andy Bell in the audience - this evening was destined to be brilliant.

As if she needed to prove to Andy that she is all she could be, Alison "rocked". Her voice was brilliant and her interaction with both Vince and the audience were simply amazing.

She publically thanked Andy Bell for lending her Vince for a short while and sang her heart out that night - absolutely brilliant.

Alison gave her best performance ever (in my opinion) in Brighton

Yazoo in Brighton - June 15th 2008

Andy Bell at the Yazoo gig in Brighton on June 15th 2008 - what a night, brilliant!!

Support act Merz couldn't gain any ground that night and, as said before, he just isn't the right choice of support for an electronic evening.

Merz *
Yazoo ***

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yazoo Pics

Our Yazoo pics from Dublin ended up on Yazoo's official website!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

2008 - Yazoo @ Carling Apollo, Manchester

Less than a week after their Dublin performance we flew to Manchester to see them again. And it was worth it. This time we had circle seats from where we could enjoy the band and also fully appreciate their backdrops and videos. The Apollo, now owned by LIVE NATION, is a brilliant venue with a great acoustic.

Unfortunately, they have a strict "no cameras" policy and their security blokes are unpleasant looking fellows.

Alison's voice wasn't that strong on the night and infact she apologized for it. But even with a weaker voice she is still better than most vocalists anyway and the show was still great.

Support act MERZ was a one-man-band but, although good, was too focused on his guitars and his set sounded like a regular busker playing in a shopping mall.

Merz **

Monday, June 2, 2008

2008 - Yazoo @ Olympia Theatre, Dublin June 2nd

The Dublin crowd just loved Alison and Vince

The backdrops were spectacular

Alison during "In my room"

The very shy Vince Clarke took centre stage (for about 30 seconds)

Using an old Reel to Reel Taperecorder for one of the songs

Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Yazoo's RECONNECTED tour sees Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke, of Erasure Fame (also co-founder of the legendary Depeche Mode), touring together after 25 years of not working and almost not talking together.

The Olympia Theatre was packed and Yazoo were amazing. Their material stood the test of time and they played all their big hits from Situation to Don't go and of course the brilliant Only You.

Alison is in top form and her vocals just blew the audience away. Mastermind Vince Clarke was more animated than usual as he had to use the vocoder a couple of times.

The combination of two brilliant artists both giving it their all and more was something that was deeply felt and appreciated.

Yazoo ***