Sunday, June 8, 2008

2008 - Yazoo @ Carling Apollo, Manchester

Less than a week after their Dublin performance we flew to Manchester to see them again. And it was worth it. This time we had circle seats from where we could enjoy the band and also fully appreciate their backdrops and videos. The Apollo, now owned by LIVE NATION, is a brilliant venue with a great acoustic.

Unfortunately, they have a strict "no cameras" policy and their security blokes are unpleasant looking fellows.

Alison's voice wasn't that strong on the night and infact she apologized for it. But even with a weaker voice she is still better than most vocalists anyway and the show was still great.

Support act MERZ was a one-man-band but, although good, was too focused on his guitars and his set sounded like a regular busker playing in a shopping mall.

Merz **

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