Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 - Aisling Alann Arts Festival

Meg Murphy officially launched the 2008 "Aisling Alann arts festival" on June 16th 2008 @ Whitechurch Library.

The festival was first launched in 2007. Its aim is to offer high-quality performance art as affordable rates and to create performance opportunities for emerging artists and to proactively develop a culture of community arts in the Greater Ballyboden area.

Scene from "Art Attack" as performed by the Drama Queens

Simon Toel playing Jack Kairo in the one-man-play/comedy with the same name

Barbara Demsey performing "Gabby" @ Whitechurch Library

A Gala Concert concluded the arts festival week. The picture shows a scene from a performance of G.F. Haendel's "Sonnata a lagrimar"

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