Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 - Yazoo @ Brighton Centre, Brighton (UK) 15.06.08

This was by far the best of all three YAZOO gigs that we decided to go to.

With a new song on the setlist, new background for "Goodbye 70's", a crowd that was just brilliant and no other than "Erasure" Andy Bell in the audience - this evening was destined to be brilliant.

As if she needed to prove to Andy that she is all she could be, Alison "rocked". Her voice was brilliant and her interaction with both Vince and the audience were simply amazing.

She publically thanked Andy Bell for lending her Vince for a short while and sang her heart out that night - absolutely brilliant.

Alison gave her best performance ever (in my opinion) in Brighton

Yazoo in Brighton - June 15th 2008

Andy Bell at the Yazoo gig in Brighton on June 15th 2008 - what a night, brilliant!!

Support act Merz couldn't gain any ground that night and, as said before, he just isn't the right choice of support for an electronic evening.

Merz *
Yazoo ***

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