Sunday, December 18, 2016

17.12.2016 Synth Christmas 4 – Neil Francis, The Glass Memorial, Johnny Normal, Shelter

The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham

After a long day of giving treatments to clients the synth x-mas event is just what the doctor ordered (although I was too shattered to stay the whole night).

The evening was just as exciting as last year albeit it less people attended but those who were there made enough noise and the energy was great.

Neil Francis started the evening off with a set that mostly consisted of well sung cover versions of classic synth acts including Yazoo or OMD but also featured his 2016 collaboration track (with DAYSOUND) ‘Deadender’ as well as ‘Connected’ the track the did with Shelter.

His voice is simply amazing and he later joined Johnny Normal on stage to perform the song ‘Save me’ that Neil recorded somewhen in 2015 with Johnny. 


But let us not skip ahead. ‘The Glass Memorial’ were on next and with my eyes closed I could often here Ultravox vibes running through their slightly darker, more minimal material. I didn’t quite warm up to them but really loved the singer’s voice.


Evening organiser Johnny Normal who recently re-recorded Adam Ant’s iconic ‘Kings of the wild frontier’ (1980) album with Adam ant’s very own guitarist Marco Pirroni is an all-around multitalented guy and his set was a high energy affair that had us all up and dancing.


Although I didn’t stay for the whole set, ‘Shelter’ were up next and these guys pack a punch with their versatile songs and stage show.

Yet again, an amazing evening with like minded, friendly people and amazing artists.