Sunday, December 11, 2016

10.12.2016 The Human League at Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham,support: Ekkoes and Blancmange

‘These are the things that dreams are made of’ is not just a line from an iconic Human League track but this also sums up the vibes of the night.

Three amazing acts.

Support act ‘Ekkoes’ were on stage quite early and had to battle somewhat difficult acoustics but still managed to bring a highly energetic and fun set to the audience. They performed many tracks from their ‘Elekktricity’ album as well as a fun cover of Raf/Laura Branigan’s 1984 hit: ‘Self control’. Would have loved to hear more of Rosalee O’Connell’s voice which was somewhat drowned out at times but nonetheless it was a great set. It was also very nice to see an excited frontman who said that ‘Mirror Man’ is his favourite tune.

Well done, Ekkoes xx

Neil Arthur’s Blancmange needed no introduction and his voice was phenomenal and the set was fun and contained new material from Blancmange’s latest album ‘Commute 23’ and of course the hits ‘Living on the ceiling’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Blind Vision’. 

Older tracks and newer material blended in very well with one another and the whole experience was simply awesome


The Human League were on top form and the show was superb both sonically as well as visually. The set started off with a lone Philip Oakey singing the classic ‘Being Boiled’, contained tracks like ‘Sky’ and ‘Tell me when’ as well as ‘Love Action’ and, of course, ‘Don’t you want me?’ and ended with the Giorgio Moroder / Philip Oakey collaboration track: ‘Together in electric dreams’.

Philips voice was amazing and so was Susan’s. Joanne didn’t quite come across as confident as her bandmates at times but the league truly are ‘a very British synthesizer band’ as well as a national treasure and the audience simply couldn’t get enough of them and the feeling felt mutual.


photo credits: Nicole Valentin & Thomas Janak


tracy nelson said...

I was at the concert and thought it was one of their best yet. Saw Human League 2 years ago at The Civic Wolverhampton and felt the Birmingham arena a much better venue acoustically and size wise.
Joanne was poorly hence her look of enthusiasm. She couldn't do the encore the following night as was nearly passing out. Think the band were all getting over 'the lurgy' so we were lucky they stayed well enough to do full performance. Here's to the next tour in 2018.

TJ said...

Yes, here's to the next tour, that was an awesome night at the Barclaycard Arena x