Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2001 - Faithless & Kosheen

01.12.2001 Point Theatre / Dublin
Support: KOSHEEN

A spot in the first row was probably the best that could have happened to me on this night out in December 2001. The stage was packed with gear from two bands one bigger than the other.

Around 8p.m. support act KOSHEEN hit the stage to introduce their album: “Resistance”. An album I wasn’t familiar with at all. I only knew the cover as it was hanging above the stage.

There wasn’t that much of a difference between the two acts musically although Kosheen doesn’t have a rapper.

Their line up was nonetheless impressive. It consisted of turntables, Guitar and electro – Cello/Violin, drum and bass.

The female vocalist was pretty good as well

Kosheen **

Only minutes later: FAITHLESS. At the time of the tour the new single “Tarantula” gets played around the globe and Faithless pick up speed straight away.

After the instrumental opener “Outrospective” from the new album with the same title front man Maxi Jazz appears on stage to start a two hour musical happening. His first act on stage is their great song “Muhammad Ali”.

Faithless play all their hits from “Insomnia” to “I want my family back” and “God is a DJ” is the final track.

Highly impressive is Faithless´ rhythm section as they are really pitching up the beats. Even without a massive lightshow Faithless know how to convince their audience.

Faithless ***

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