Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - Stephan Wald

25.04.1993 Alte Oper Frankfurt: STEPHAN WALD

The „Mozart room“ inside the old Opera house in Frankfurt is absolute packed and everybody is waiting for one of the best comedians Germany has ever produced.

Voice imitator par excellence. He presents his new program « Schitzo Fritz » in support of the new « Stephan Walds Hetzparade ».

The CD is surprisingly good in terms of the songs. Or perhaps it is not all that surprising given that Göran Walger, Ex Klaus Lage Band had a hand in the production.

The evening is very political and Wald has no problems talking and joking about racism.

His well known sarcasm makes the voices and gestures of his “victims” even more funnier: Helmut Kohl, Blüm. Engholm, Stoltenberg and other politicians get slagged a lot.

Boris Becker, Inge Meysel, Alfred Biolek Heinz Rühmann, Peter Alexander alongside Reich – Ranitzki, Thomas Freitag, Dieter Hallervorden, Mathias Richling and Rudi Carell are among those he imitates.

Walds program is very clever and he only gets away with his song of a German Nazi who wants to see all foreigners dead because it is comedy. Or, is it?!

Highlight of the evening is the Heinz Schenk imitation and the Karl Lagerfeld imitation although Helmut Kohl is still what people want to see and where he is best at.

A brilliant night.

Stephan Wald ***

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