Thursday, September 20, 2007

2006 - Depeche Mode in Dublin

Depeche Mode

An unknown and obviously untalented DJ filled the position of support act for Depeche Mode at the sold out gig at the Point.

Depeche had played London just yesterday and the stage looks a little rushed. There is no gangway and no “Lightball” that says “Hello” and in total the stage looks smaller.

On top of that the sound isn´t the best all throughout the show, the whole P.A. is rather low volume and the people in the block I am sitting in must be dead or deaf – worst Depeche experience by far.

Having said that, the “Basildon Three” are still great and do their best. The setlist is again slightly changed which is great if you go and see them a number of times. Tonight they performed an acoustic version of “It doesn’t matter too” and as a special treat they play “Photographic” from their very first album.

They don´t do a second encore and the whole set seems rather short.

They were still worth every penny.

Depeche Mode **

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