Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1995 - Tommy (Musical)

25.06.1995, Theater an der Goethestrasse, Offenbach

It is a warm Sunday, “Mainuferfest” (annual festival along the river Main in Offenbach and Frankfurt) is on as well and the old synagogue just recently transformed into a lovely theatre, that holds 1127 guests, is nearly full.

The tickets for the play are priced between DM 80,- and DM 165,-. Due to me working in a Hotel temporarily, a hotel in which most of the Tommy employees are living for the time being, I could secure two VIP tickets and didn’t had to pay a penny.

When “The Who” Guitarist Pete Townsend wrote the rock opera “Tommy” in the late 1960s it may not have crossed his mind that this would become a major musical performed on Broadway as well as in numerous cities across Europe – but it did.

The Peter Rieger GmbH, located in Offenbach, finally spared no expense to bring the production to Offenbach where it is supposed to stay for the next five years.

“Tommy” is the story of a little boy who becomes blind, deaf and mute after a traumatic event in his childhood. The musical has already won 5 “Tony Awards”, the equivalent of the film Oscar™, even for best Set and best director.

And that didn’t surprise me at all as Tommy was simply perfect.

Michael Serveris, who has portrayed Tommy on Broadway already, has been hired to play the leading role for the next five years in our end of the woods.

Tommy ***

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