Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Japanese Noh Theatre

22.08.2002 Central Bank of Ireland Arts Centre / Dublin
Japanese Noh Theatre
“Kyogen and Hayashi”

The Irish / Japanese Association delivered remarkable theatrical art free of charge.

Before the program started Japanese people dressed in their own country clothes serve green tea especially made “old style”. With every tea one gets a mince sweet.

Deeply bowing we accept graciously.

Besides some embassy staff members the ambassador Mr. Tageshi Kagami and his wife are present and all 200 seats are taken by anticipating viewers.

The program starts with the momi-no-dan dance to celebrate the harvest, called “sambeshi”. The dance depicts farmers working in the fields before harvesting it.

Not easy to grasp for Europeans but thanks to useful translation on a screen understandable.

Accompanied by three musicians with their small and big drums and flute the evening develops its own dynamic and is absolutely brilliant and engaging.

During the intermission and in honour of the ambassador and his wife a tea ceremony is celebrated and explained in detail.

Then the show goes into the second and final act: A comedy.

Two servants, tied together by their master to avoid them stealing and drinking his “Saki”, find a way to untie themselves and to drink Saki and get caught subsequently.

Very funny and totally different to western humour.

The evening was superb ***

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