Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - Subtrifuge, Die Bilanz, Lame

11.03.1996 MTW Offenbach:

Three acts for only DM 10,- was unbeatable value for money. 4 ½ hours of live music lay ahead of me.

The temperature outside was – 3 degrees Celsius and it nice that the bands really kicked ass and set the roof on fire, literally.

Musically we were about to hear punk rock and grungier rock a la Oasis, Cranberries or Blur.

The 4 – piece “Subtrifuge” opened up the show. Subtrifuge are from Düsseldorf and even though pure Guitar rock is not really what I am in to I liked their songs and arrangements. Especially the two part harmonies vocally were nice. They were playing for an hour and mentioned their new CD, available only here and now of course, very often during the show.

Next in line was the Offenbacher band “Die Bilanz” (The Balance), who called their music “Krautrock” and they even distinguished between white and red cabbage. The music was quite alright, especially the fast punk version of the Alexandra classic: “Mein Freund der Baum ist tot” (My friend the tree is dead) was really catchy.

I didn’t necessarily liked the fact that all songs were sung in German. They also played for an hour.

LAME, the main band, performed for 90 minutes.

Lame is Michael Cerveris, best known for his title roll in the theatre production of Tommy, and some other musicians who usually play in the Tommy ensemble.

Michael reminds me a lot of Captain Jean – Luc Picard from the fictious Star Trek™ series and I think he looks exactly like Picard did look 30 years ago.

The musicians was spot on professional and the audience responded quickly. The venue was really packed and the mood was great.

The songs sounded more fluent but the compositions as such weren’t better than the ones from the bands before.

Subtrifuge ** Die Bilanz ** Lame **

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