Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1996 - Badesalz

08.08.1996 Kurpark Wiesbaden: Badesalz

The weather is great and all around the park signs are telling everyone that the shows on the 8th and 9th of August are sold out.

Their albums “Och Joh”, “Nicht ohne meinen Papa” and “Zarte Metzger” were even threatening chart toppers and the Badesalz movie “Abbuzze” was a huge success. After all this achievements I was quite interested in seeing them life.

I had seen them when they were still part of the bands Flatsch and Rodgau Monotones but Badesalz was way more successful than each of the bands.

It was brilliant – apart from the national hero “Hessi James”, Headbanger, Richi together with wife Rita and the cashier due Helag and Rita were all part of the show.

The part I liked best was the Bodybuilder joke with “Killer” and “Body” talking about their plans to impress the girls when the bath season is on again.

Badesalz ***

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