Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1993 - Randy Hanson (Musikmesse)

07.03.1993 Messegelände Frankfurt

The final day of the trade fair in Frankfurt and therefore the last chance to see Randy Hanson and his last chance to convince the last critics that Jimmy Hendrix` legacy is well looked after.

“Wheel-Giant” Jim Dunlop himself announces Randy Hanson and band as the best band in the world and Randy lives up to the expectation.

He still looks more like a bad Prince copy rather than a Hendrix copy but he doesn’t really worry about his outfit. Hendrix´ music is on his mind – all the time so it seems.

Randy is great and he even jumps right into the middle of the audience enjoying a bath of fame in the middle of the Frankfurt crowd. Even after the gig he talks freely to fans and he is not the least bothered that the security officers are getting pushy because the fair is already over and he is still there.

Randy Hanson ***

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