Thursday, September 20, 2007

2005 - Kiss Expo III Nottingham

19.11.2005 Rock City / Nottingham
With: Eric Singer, Dressed to Kill ...

We left Dublin by plane at 7.10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, hoping for a cool day and I wasn’t disappointed – the KISS Expo turned out to be the event of the year. And that says a lot as 2005 was an eventful year with plenty of good acts coming our way.

After checking in at the Jury’s Inn in Nottingham and a lovely English breakfast with beans, sausages, toast and everything at the “Cosy Teapot Café” I was on my way to the Welbeck Hotel next to the Rock City venue, where I was hoping to find Adam Bomb, which whom I had scheduled an appointment over the phone a few weeks ago. He wasn’t there!

I found him at the expo where the whirlwind musician was busy selling his merchandise before playing a three – song KISS set which included “Detroit Rock City”, “Firehouse” and “Rock and Roll all night”.

The interview later turned out great. He was genuinely nice, talkative and open. It was fun and a pleasure talking to him. Eric Singer was busy signing autographs just opposite Adams small stand and was too busy to be approached for an interview.

That was o.k. – there were plenty of people willing to share their opinions about rock music in general. I got to talk to many people and it was good craic.
After talking to Danny Lee James, Ex – “Dressed to Kill”, and a mate of his I was also able to chat to Jazan Wild, who just produced a CD, produced by Bob Kulick, featuring original material, partly co-written by Curt Cuomo who wrote plenty of songs with Paul Stanley in the past. Jazan is also involved in a comic series and his quest was to convey his stuff to the general public.

The conversation I had with him was my personal highlight of the day as he turned out to be quite spiritual. We exchanged our own CDs and on top of that he even gave me a free comic. Thanks again, Jazan.

As expected, the expo was packed! There was everything from the regular KISS merchandise to face painters and all those long-haired rockers were absolutely cool and kind and there weren’t any tensions anywhere whatsoever.
It was simply brilliant!

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