Thursday, September 20, 2007

2005 - Queen and Paul Rogers

14.05.2005 The Point, Dublin
€ 70,95

18 years after their last tour and 14 years after Freddie Mercury’s AIDS – related death in November 1991 Queen are back. The band that struggled for over a decade in the quest to replace Mercury finally found a match in Ex – “Free” Front man Paul Rodgers.

This is a highly anticipated tour – living legends live in Dublin. As a matter of fact, the Dublin gig is the last gig of the tour and the Point seems to be sold out.

Around 9 p.m. Queen and Paul hit the stage and play classic after classic for the next 2 ¼ hours.

The mood is infectious and Roger Taylor and Brian May accompanied by world class musicians are simply amazing. Brian has two solo parts where he sings with the crowd and where he plays a massive guitar solo.

Needless to mention that the Queen production is big. The sound is massive and the visuals match the music.

Roger Taylor also sings a couple of songs on his own including “Say it is not true” against HIV.

All in all simply brilliant.

Brian May refers to Paul Rodgers as the “best white boy to sing the blues” – that might be so but the Queen material is a different matter altogether.

No doubt, Rodgers can sing and especially the three classic “Free” songs were brilliant but throughout the show he didn’t seem to get into the spirit of things and very often he simply didn’t reach those notes.

The overall evening doesn’t fail to impress but Rodgers, quite frankly, is not the singer the masses were hoping for.

Queen and Paul Rodgers ** Good

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