Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2002 - Six & 5th Avenue

16.03.2002 Merrion Square / Dublin
St. Patricks Day

Once a year Dublin goes mental to pay tribute to its history: St. Patricks Day! When the holy St. Patrick rid the country of all unwanted snakes he could not have foreseen the extend to which the Irish would party on “his” day.

March many weathers – despite a rather rainy weekend it is still dry and the gods pitied the living and let the sun shine.

In the midst of the Merrion Square a huge stage, sponsored by radio giant FM 104, foretold what was yet to come: Boy- and girl band time.

FIFTH AVE played three backing tracked songs including their soon released single. The song was so unmemorable that I couldn’t even remember the name.

Fifth Ave. *

Only minutes later another retorted band SIX, consisting of six people , hit the stage. Their material was almost identical. SIX played only two songs including their current chart topper: “A whole lot of loving going on”. Their voices were better than the ones of Fifth Ave but only slight and after only 10 minutes they left the stage and I left the scene.

Fifth Ave **

Maybe I am too old for “not handmade” music or maybe I am a true artist who thinks that music is an art form that belongs to those who can create music and not to those who only look good and call themselves musicians.

Who knows?!

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