Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Art Garfunkel

14.05.1997, Hugenottenhalle / Neu – Isenburg
Support: Mel Pope

He was one half of the legendary „Simon and Garfunkel“ duo and songs like „The Boxer“ or „Bridge over troubled water“ are musical anthems known by millions. Art Garfunkel had a solo hit in the mid eighties with “Bright Eyes” and after a 12years break he is here to connect his past with the present: Art Garfunkel

The venue was packed and our seats in the fifth row were good seats, close to the stage on which Mel Pope made an appearance around 8 p.m.

Mel told us that he’d already written three songs on the tour bus and he was eager to perform them. He said it is in the interest of the record company to play songs from an album people can actually buy but those three songs were just great and although the weren’t available on any album yet, one had to hear them. The songs were called: “I left my heart in England”, “Kathryn” and “How they do it in Hamburg”.

His voice and the way he was playing guitar were unique and it was a pity that his set was only thirty minutes long.

Twenty minutes later the first notes of Art Garfunkels band made the audience aware of what was to come: Art Garfunkel.

He took his microphone, sang and won – he is a true genius, full stop! All the classics from “Bridge over troubled water” to “Cecilia” to “Bright eyes” were part of the set and after the third song Art Garfunkel paused before he said “Ich muss wissen wer ich bin, um zu wissen wozu ich fähig bin” (I need to know who I am in order to know what I am capable of) in German.

As the evening unfolded the poor chap had to “endure” numerous standing ovations and he had to come out three times because the audience just didn’t want to let him go. Full of mischief he said that the reason for the split of Simon and Garfunkel was that he wanted them to be called Garfunkel & Simon.

He also told the audience that he walked 4000 miles through the United States on foot. He did that on and off over the last 12 years and after arriving back home in 1996 he performed for the Disney people where the current live album: “Across America” came to light.

He announced a new CD release for the summer. A CD dedicated to his son and he sang the classic tune: “What a day for a day dream”. It was a brilliant night.

Art Garfunkel *** Mel Pope ***

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