Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1997 - Sinead O Connor

1. Mainzer Zeltfestival
27.06.1997, Volkspark / Mainz

Irish singer Sinead O Connor who had her biggest hit with the Prince – penned song: “Nothing compares to you” back in 1991 and who dominated the charts with her great album: “I do not want what I haven’t got” is back again. This time with an 11 piece orchestra supporting her latest release: “Gospel Oak”.

We missed the opening act but were on time for the show. Even though we had seating tickets we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted and we picked a spot directly opposite the stage from which we could see and hear Sinead and band well.

The sound was great and Sinead’s voice was crystal clear.

All songs ranked between good and excellent but the concert only lasted about 90 minutes and that was a bit short.

She didn’t bother playing her best known hit and she didn’t even say one thing to the audience all throughout the evening which left me with a rather negative memory.

Musically she was absolutely stunning.

Sinead O’Connor ***

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