Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1988 - Flatsch!

27.09.1988, Stadthalle Offenbach: Flatsch!

„Once and never again" – that´s what it said on the poster of the farewell tour.
Flatsch! Performed the best concert ever in a sold out Stadthalle Offenbach.
The band split up and it was only right to play the final concert in Offenbach.
At eight a clock the lights went out but instead of stage light there was some noise coming from the middle of the audience created by cymbals and trumpets.
7000 fans accompanied the band to the stage so to speak: "Austrinke, austrinke werd mer doch noch derfe"

Flatsch simply played all their great tunes, from "Kaufhaus" to "Badekapp" and "Keske tü fä". Original and perfect as usual Gerd Knebel, Olaf Mill and the rest of the band raised the roof of the building.

Within their three hours set they presented themselves in 20 different costumes. From a priest to "Tina Börner", singing daughter of T.D. Holger Börner they did it all.

When the band finally wore the costumes of old men and started "die gute alte zeit" (good, old times) everybody knew that this was the end of Flatsch! Once and for all.

Flatsch ***

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