Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1987 - Prince & Madhouse

26.05.1987, Festhalle Frankfurt: Prince
Support: Madhouse

The Festhalle Frankfurt sold out, again. Prince played here already yesterday.
In anyway the "Sign of the times" tour is regarded as one of the most successful tours of Prince.

At eight o clock on the spot "Madhouse" presents their new album "8".
Instrumental, crystal clear Funk jazz, as perfect as one can imagine.
Main- and front man in Madhouse is no other than Eric Leeds, who already played the saxophone for Prince during the "around the world in a day" times.
The Madhouse keys are played by ex - "The Revolution" keyboardist Dr. Fink.
Madhouse played for almost three quarters of an hour.

The hall was well lit for another thirty minutes after the Madhouse set before Prince himself finally hit the stage.

The lights went out and a small blue crystal ball glitters on stage while the rhythm to "Sign o the times" kicks in.

The audience is in for two hours of perfect music and a perfect show.
The show consists of songs from the double album "Signs o the times" as well as of some songs from the Revolution period.
On the drums all throughout: Sheila E.
She IS the best female drummer in the world and her solo career is pretty successful.
Prince *** Madhouse ***
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