Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1987 - Muenchener Freiheit

1987 - Muenchener Freiheit
31.03.1987, Stadthalle Offenbach: Münchener Freiheit

The münchener freiheit embarks on a „Traumziel" tour (dream destination tour).

This concert ranked among the best gigs I had seen up until that point in time.

The Münchener Freiheit (Munich Freedom) plays in Offenbach in a nearly sold out venue.

Bombastic orchestral music underlines a stage wide screen which shows the emblem of the band. Sound- and performance wise absolutely excellent the best native singing band in the country prepares for a 2 ½ hours knock out.

The audience ranges from the age of 10 to 60 which proofs that the band does it for all generations.

From the first note to the last the audience supports the Bavarian quintet by singing along.
"Tausendmal du" ( a thousand times You) got rewarded with a thousand cheers.

The Offenbach crowd was so ecstatic that you could literally see the band play in sheer disbelief that this is really happening.
They hadn’t expected such admiration although the fully deserved it.
This tour definitely brought them right to their dream destination.
Münchener Freiheit ***

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