Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1987 - Fuenf Grad Plus

5 Grad Plus

15.02.1987, Theresien Kinderheim, Offenbach: Fünf Grad Plus

It says „show starts at 7p.m." on the pink poster from which the band grins at you in black and white.

Twenty minutes later Fünf Grad Plus (Five degrees plus) start the show.
The keyboarder of the Deutsch – Rock band steps before the curtain, armed with a rubber guitar.
After a short introduction the curtain opens (a little bit delayed) and the band starts to play.

Musically good, but not really interacting with each other, the band rushes through their set of only 80 minutes, including two additional songs.

I doubt they have talked about the show beforehand as every single song was introduced with the words: "The next song is called…" which caused some laughs after each song.
Summary: Brilliant P.A. – only little power.
It didn’t get warmer then Fünf Grad Plus.
Fünf Grad Plus *

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