Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1987 - Europe

09.02.1987, Stadthalle Offenbach: Europe
Sold out venue – demanding heat.

A huge black curtain covers the stage showing the earth with Europe encircled in red. Even before the show starts some fans faint and have to be carried away from medical staff.

The sold out Stadthalle (Town hall) is more than packed and it seems that there were more tickets sold as the hall can take.

Finally - "The Final Countdown" starts under the massive screams of the fans: Europe has arrived. The Swedish rock band, at the peak of their fame at the time of the gig, plays excellent but too short.

Even with two extra sets the show only lasts roughly 90 minutes and some of the solos of the individual band members were better than some songs of the band.

DM 32,- was a bit much for the five boys.

If "The Final Countdown" wouldn’t have been number 1 at the time perhaps the concert would have been cheaper.

Europe **

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